Sunday, May 15, 2011

Adventure seeker on an empty street

I am about to embark on a journey. In about 3 months I will depart for South Korea to Changwon City to teach English at a private academy, or hagwon, where I will be by myself in a classroom with adorable 5 year old children. I am incredibly excited, anxious, and...scared shitless! I don't speak any Korean. I don't know the details of this trip...yet. But I do know that I can learn and pick up as much as I can to survive. I also know that I signed a contract for 1 full year of commitment. I've read countless blogs, viewed a copious amount of pictures, and even watched youtube videos of other ESL teachers in Korea. Each with their own story, their own personal experience, and their own opinion of the country as a foreigner. I can't wait to share my story--my adventure--my journey. I think what I love most about this decision is that I never saw myself doing something like this. Challenging my independence while mentally preparing myself to feel isolated at times. I'm ready. I've always thought I was meant for great things and I'm filled with an abundance of emotion about this move. If anyone has any questions about the details of my trip feel free to leave a comment and I'll be sure to answer it.

Oh! And I've found much K-Pop (Korean Pop) music that I'm sure will peak my interests while I'm abroad. I can't wait for more! So without further adieu, let me introduce to you...Big Bang. Please take notice of where this little gem was filmed: