Sunday, August 3, 2014

And though she be but little, she is fierce.

I am kicking myself in the butt SO HARD because I saw the perrrrrrfect sign for my sister's baby at Hobby Lobby a few months ago. It was chevron (my sister's favorite nursery pattern), teal+pink (my sister's nursery colors), and had the famous Shakespeare quote that is listed as the title of this very blog post. I told myself, "Oh, it'll still be here in a few months."

Wrong. Dead wrong. I guess other folks liked that sign too. My mom told me I should make one, but that's too much work. Pinterest has ruined me. After helping my mom with bits and pieces of Sarah's baby shower today, I'm completely exhausted. I don't know how you crazy-artsy-crafty-Pinterest mamas do this ALL.OF.THE.TIME. And with your kids around too?! I wasn't even with mine today, and I'm pooped.

Anyways, I'm going to post some of the pictures from the shower. If you're out there and are thinking, "Oh my gaaaaaaawd, Jessica is SO CRAFTY! I could never do that," well, you're wrong. My mom is so crafty and I was instructed by her the entire day, so there's that. Also--I wasn't working with my own budget (which is very limited), so any materials I needed, my mom just bought. I'm more of a let's-scrounge-up-what's-around-and-buy-the-rest-at-the-dollar-store kind of gal.

Soooooo without further adieu, I bid you...Frances Dylan's baby shower. We will be calling her Franki and I'm pretty sure I'm already in love with her and she's not even here yet!

Cute vinyl sign my Mom made for Franki. Sarah hates the crown--which makes no sense considering we fought to have crowns our entire lives... <--get it? That was a pageant joke. 

The day started with my Mom asking me to come over to help prep for the shower. She was very type-A about the whole thing, which I found to be nice because I can be quite lackadaisical; I like direction! So she told me to make a list, and every time we "conquered" a task, she would stop in the middle of a store and watch me cross it off because it "made her feel accomplished".
After we went to Hobby Lobby, we stopped at Party City to pick up the balloons on the way home. I fucking hate balloons. They're so pointless and are always in the way, especially on the car ride. Perhaps my hatred of them stems from Student Council days where we would constantly be blowing up balloons and tying them to make arches for every single event at school.
This particular balloon liked my hair wayyyy too much. 

She doesn't seem to mind them.

Before we pulled up to the house, my Mom had tried calling my Dad to help unload the countless bags, food, and balloons we had in the car. He didn't answer. So after we pulled into the driveway, my Mom asked me to go get him. As I walk inside, I yelled, "Daaaaad--Mom needs your help NOW or she's going to have a conniption." My Dad responded with, "What?! Don't talk about your mom like that." We both were being super silly about the whole thing, but as we walk outside, my Mom is having a fight with those stupid balloons and we hear one POP loudly, followed by a very loud exploitative from my Mom's mouth. It rhymes with truck.

My Dad tried to help my Mom as she's struggling with balloons that are popping, tangling, and escaping the car. I couldn't help but laugh about the whole thing which made them both even more tense. It was just funny to me because, as I've explained before, I fucking hate balloons. Anywho---stuff made it into the house and people calmed down inside the air conditioning. I got to work on the CANDY BAR that my sister requested. I also helped with decorations for all of the games. Here are some pictures for your viewing please:
My Mom scrapbooked the clothes-pin sign.

This was a "Price is Right" game where guests had to guess the prices of these three fabulous items. Who would have thought a butt-cream bucket could be so gosh darn cheap?

Guest book/Gift table
This was a clothespin game for everyone to play as they walked in. On each onesie was a name (i.e. Diaper, Bottle, etc.) and for the duration of the shower you could only refer to each other as your Baby Shower name. I tried to convince my Mom that Blowout and Poopy were perfectly good names for this game, but she wasn't feeling it. Next time!

My sister's coworkers are demonstrating the game beautifully. They even make a good team of "Formula" and "Bottle" sitting next to each other.

Ummmmmm how gorgeous is my sister?! 

Cake and cupcakes from Freed's. ::droooooool::

 We cute. Even my Granny photobombing us in the back is too.
 All of the Grandmas
Jo (Dustin's mama) , my Mom, Grandma Shirley

Purney Girls

FUN FACT: I picked out all of the pink Starbursts for one of the jars. My Mom thought I was nuts, but c'mon! Pink starbursts are the best kind anyways.
FUN FACT #2: I added ribbon and tulle to the jars after I posted an Instagram sneak peek. I dig it. 

Melon baby! Hahaha

Dustin showed up for cake and cigars at the end of the shower. Can we talk about how adorable they are please?! Franki is going to be a looker!!!

We also played a few other games and my Mom gave away prizes. To compensate for anyone that didn't win a prize, she adorably said, "If you didn't win, you can always take a stroll to the Candy Bar! Everyone is a winner!!!" It was super funny. I visited the Candy Bar twice.

I would have to say this was my favorite baby shower by far and I loved seeing my sister so relaxed and at ease with her pregnancy. I remember her first baby shower when she was only 18 years old--it was a difficult time for everyone and I think she was a tad more nervous to be such a young mother. This time around just seems so comfortable for her and I'm insanely happy to see her surrounded by such LOVE! Dustin's mom is so adorable and giving. Their entire nursery was completely purchased by Dustin's mom! And when Dustin came to help load up all of their gifts and treats, the first words out of his mouth to my sister were, "You look beautiful, babe."

::guuuuush:: I know it sounds so dorky, but that was the best thing to see. I love how mushy and gushy they are and I know they will (and are) wonderful parents.

Okay, it's about midnight now and I've been fighting with blogger all evening to upload these pictures. Hope you enjoyed, and remember--don't be discouraged by Pinterest. Pick like ONE thing to accomplish from that egomaniac site or else you'll go crazy!!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

I'm a Yeller...but I'm working on it.

There's something about this transition into toddler beds that has brought out the absolute worst-Mommy-version of myself. I'm not sure if it's because this new sense of freedom for the boys is making them feel defiant and independent, but whatever the reason, they are straight up not listening to me. Oh, they hear me alright. I can see the little smirks on their faces when I ask them to, "Come here," or "Lay down, please", but they actively choose to not listen to me.

This is when the yelling begins. I definitely do it out of anger and frustration and I LOATHE it. I used to hate when my Mom would yell at my sister and I for mundane things, and it created a lot of anxiety in the house. So why the heck am I doing it to the boys?

I think the more I yell, the more they think it's funny, and it just turns into one angry and tense household. I was so stressed out yesterday just because everything felt like a freaking battle. Just to change a diaper I felt like I was pinning down an "enemy" and trying out various tactics and maneuvers to "win the war".  To try and get them to hold my hand while walking to the car was one of the hardest physical challenges I've had in a while--not that I'm a triathlete, but my boys are becoming very strong and are also very fast at running.

So after a really terrible day yesterday, I woke up this morning and told myself, "This is not you. You're not a yeller. Do not scream at those boys."

And you know what? Today has already proven to be infinitely better. The moment I would catch myself feeling anxious and wanting to scream, I would start singing a song, and the boys would totally feel the energy and start bobbin' their heads and WANTING to listen to me. Or if one of the boys broke down into a meltdown, I would ignore them and play or clean.

It's a small effort and adjustment, but it was a complete game changer. So if you're finding yourself wanting to scream at your children, just start singing! Or dancing! Or doing something completely random, because life is too short to be screaming at your babies for merely wanting to become their own people.
Oh haaaaaaay, Mom. We are super sweet and enjoy snack-picnics when you're not a crazy lady yelling at us.